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Does Inertia Have You Up Against The Wall?
May 20, 2020 at 7:30 PM
by Simplistic Wellness
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I receive a lot of weekly inquiries into our Protein Pantry system via email, phone, social media, our website and local walk-ins to our physical location. Basically there are a lot of people that know they need to change their habits for their health. Curiously enough, even though they know they need to change their ways most never end up taking action. Oops, there’s that activation energy that I talked about in my last blog post. Anyway, I hear a lot of excuses for why it is impossible for them to change their lifestyle; their spouse makes it impossible because they sabotage them, finances are tight right now, their job requires a lot of traveling, their life is very stressful right now with job and family issues, their in-between a move or some big life’s decision. You know, basically life is in the way of them being able to take care of their health. “Right now is just not the right time”. They are waiting for that perfect moment in their life to be able to concentrate on their health. Just to let you know something personal about me, I have three kids. I can tell you that if I waited for that perfect moment in my life to start having kids, I would have zero right now. That perfect moment in life people wait for to make a big change will never arrive for most.

“We are either growing or dying. There is no room for stagnation, doubt & fear”. This quote is true for every aspect of life; physically, mentally & spiritually. Life is dynamic, not static. There is no middle ground, just because we might think there is doesn’t mean there is. We are only fooling ourselves. “When we think the status quo is where we are, we’re just sliding backwards without knowing it”. Wow, does this ring true when talking about those needing to reverse their metabolic dysfunction. When an individual has metabolic dysfunction and they do not change their diet, it will only continue to get worse, devastatingly worse. Most people don’t understand this and think doing nothing is an option, like they can keep the status quo.

Once an individual in metabolic dysfunction realizes that the status quo is not where they are and they are dangerously sliding backwards, they have to overcome inertia. Oh, here we go with the physics again. Well, you know I like to explain health, habits and action scientifically because there is a specific scientific reason for everything associated with these three subjects. Inertia is an object staying in an existing state of rest or continuing on the same course in uniform motion. So if you are at rest then you will stay at rest or if you are on a certain course in life at a certain rate then you will stay that course at that same rate. Now, this can all be changed by an external force like activation energy. Again, as I explained in my last blog post, activation energy is like climbing on top of the high dive, looking down and just deciding to go ahead and jump. This is what it takes to break that inertia that is holding you back from growing in life and improving your health.

So here is the solution to actually improving your health: Get the excuses out of your life and quite waiting for that perfect moment, which will never arrive, to change your health and habits. Activation energy, just jump and contact Protein Pantry to start a different course in your life. We are ready to guide you to your ultimate health goals. The perfect moment in your life is now.

Make it happen. It’s May and summer is around the corner. Activation energy, jump people! Let’s get summer fit.

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